Anjali Phougat takes Indian fashion global, supports women owned businesses

Anjali Phougat takes Indian fashion global, supports women owned businesses

Fashion designer Anjali Phougat will be supporting small businesses this year. She would be making sure that their talent gets global recognition.

“At my store, which features a curated selection of designs from various creators, I made a commitment on my 40th birthday to champion women-owned and minority businesses. India boasts incredible talent and exquisite craftsmanship, and my aim is to elevate Indian artisans onto global platforms. This year, much like before, I am actively supporting women-owned businesses. This initiative originated during my shows at New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. I am proud to share that, in addition to showcasing my own jewelry designs, I am providing a platform for two women-owned businesses to exhibit their jewelry. It’s a beautiful endeavor aimed at empowering and supporting small businesses, allowing them to pursue their passions,” she explains.

She elaborates, “I’ve decided to feature the jewelry on the runway, seamlessly blending it with my luxury looks to enhance visibility for these businesses. This practice will persist, and in the coming year, I plan to spotlight even more women-owned businesses and small enterprises on my social media platform. If you run a small business, please don’t hesitate to connect with me. I’m dedicated to using my platform to raise awareness about your ventures and offer my support.”

Anjali expresses her admiration for the global recognition of Indian fashion. “The fashion industry in India stands out at an extraordinary level. The diversity in cuts, colors, and overall creativity is truly impressive. From cleaner-cut structured outfits to vibrant patterns and playful colors, there’s a rich variety. In my view, fashion is a reflection of one’s personality and is not limited by geographical boundaries. However, it’s undeniable that Indian clothing, including sarees, suits, and two-piece garments, has gained significant prominence on the global stage,” she remarks.

She further comments, “Fashion is undeniably a global phenomenon; it resonates with everyone worldwide, embracing diverse colors, body types, and clothing styles. It’s truly an art form. While every country may have its unique interpretation of fashion, I see it as a unified expression. The global love for Indian fashion is evident, with people across the world appreciating its unique perspective. Nowadays, it’s heartening to see that awareness of Indian fashion has reached every corner of the globe.”

Discussing her collaboration with New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, she shares, “Annually, I unveil my collection twice at New York Fashion Week, typically in February and September. This year, I’m excited to present my collection in February in New York and in March in Paris. The spotlight will be on showcasing the exquisite artistry of Indian hand-craftsmanship, traditional embroideries, and unique Indian cuts. A noteworthy change this time is my commitment to featuring small women-owned and minority businesses on the grand runway. I am dedicated to uplifting and supporting more businesses, fostering community support, and actively creating platforms and opportunities for women-owned businesses.”

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